It’s Time to Vote


Look for this button (top and to the right) height=

Look for this button (top and to the right) on the home page.

Today, March 3, is the first day you may cast your vote for who you’d like to serve on AAPG’s Executive Committee.

May 15 is the cutoff date for casting your votes. Paper ballots need to have arrived or electronic votes submitted. All AAPG members have received information on how to do both.

So how does it work?

By now you should have a paper ballot and on that are instructions to either complete that ballot or to go online and log in to vote.

Within the online voting system are bios for each candidate so you may review their background before making your final decision.

If you prefer the paper ballot method you may review candidate information through the Web site, too. Each candidate has provided their background and a statement about why they accepted the nomination.

This is one of the privileges of membership that impacts the organization the most. The Executive Committee oversees the on-going programs of AAPG. According to the AAPG Constitution and Bylaws the Executive Committee carries out the objectives and purpose of the AAPG. They guide policies and nominate future leaders of the organization. They shape the AAPG. It is Article III of the Bylaws that articulates their jurisdiction and authority.

Members are given 90 days to determine who they want to vote for. But why wait?

If you are like me the minute you receive the ballot you better take care of it or you are going to forget. May 15 is just around the corner.

So vote right now. You are thinking about it. You know where your ballot is. I know you’re online because you are reading this post. 

And the link is right here!

Good browsing!

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3 comments on this post.
  1. George Devries Klein:

    This is the second year in a row that AAPG touts electronic online voting on its website BEFORE members receive the critical information by mail (or last year by email).

    Can’t you guys coordinate tasks better than that?

  2. Janet B.:

    Thanks for the comment, George.

    This could be an interesting discussion. It seems to me that the order of voting in place first and followed by notification is better than the reverse.

    The thought was notifying members after the site was made available could take advantage of the “vote now” moment. Telling members about their access and then making them wait to use that access seemed less efficient.

    I believe the online voting was posted around 7:30 and then by 10 a.m. notifications were either emailed or mailed to members.

    If nothing else having to wait for the “how-to” part had members looking in their mailboxes.

    So, how about it, Readers? Which should come first?

  3. wwwUpdate Blog » Did you vote?:

    [...] already had one member comment they wanted to vote when the saw the “Vote Now” button wave at them on the home page. [...]