Just in time for 2009


January 2009

Explorer - January 2009

I’m writing fast and furious to alert everyone the January 2009 issue of the AAPG Explorer AND the AAPG Bulletin are both online for your viewing.

The Explorer is the World Development issue and covers the globe from A to Z (or Australia to Zagros, if you prefer!).


January 2009

Bulletin - January 2009

I noticed the Bulletin had a couple of articles on Brunei. The one that mentioned a “self-cannabalizing delta” piqued my interest. Remember log in to Members only first to read your January issue.

In the meantime, the AAPG Foundation’s Web site has been redesigned. It’s full of beautiful pictures and lots of information. Take time to visit it and learn about the Grants-in-Aid program, the Library, the Teacher of the Year award and all the programs the Foundation supports.

This upcoming year will be exciting as we continue to upgrade code and bring you information via the Internet. 

Good browsing!

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3 comments on this post.
  1. Joseph Jones:

    Hi Janet,

    I am in desperate need of a Reservoir Geologist. Below are the duties and responsibilites. Can you point me in the right direction….perhaps post a blog for me? Thanks so much!

    Duties & Responsibilities
    Cuttings interpretation, Log quality control, Quick-look log analysis and interpretation. Basic well test interpretation. Core description and interpretation. Geological data analysis: well (samples, logs and test) and lab (sedimentological, petrophysical and fluid) data organization, integration, and management. Reservoir characterization, parameterization and modeling. In co-responsibility with Reservoir Engineering and as a result of a team work: to perform integrated reservoir studies (geophysical, geological and engineering), and propose alternatives for oil and gas field development. to participate in economic analysis for exploration, development and production projects. to evaluate, recommend and implement optimal reservoir production/injection plans. to participate in the maintenance of E&P Portfolio of future investments opportunities including production reserve, economic and risk evaluations. to participate in the preparation of the annual E&P budget. to attend partners technical meetings, prepare and perform technical presentations to partners. to evaluate partners proposals for reservoir development and operation and recommend actions to management. to follow-up of production, drilling and completion data to up-date reservoir characterization and modeling. to propose completion and workover interventions in wells. to maintain geologic, reservoir and production database.

  2. Janet B.:

    You are not alone in your need for a geologist’s help. Let me point you to some online resources AAPG offers that might help you find such someone.

    First, there is the AAPG Career Center. In that is a registry where many of our members have begun to list their skill sets. Those who particularly take advantage of this service are independents who are available for contract work and, in some cases, for full-time hiring.

    Another excellent resource through AAPG is the Explorer. This premier magazine is highly popular among our membership. It is probably our most read publication. It includes a classified ad section where people place their help-wanted notices similar to the one you sent my way. Our classifieds have terrific response rate and I’d encourage you to contact Brenda Merideth, AAPG’s advertising coordinator, or you may call her toll free at 1-800-288-7636. These classifieds appear online and also have rate information. I just finished posting the February classifieds this morning.

    One last suggestion in hunting for your needed help is the local societies in your area. The Gulf Coast and Southwest Sections of AAPG have several large societies that also accept help-wanted postings for their Web sites.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

  3. Joseph Jones:

    Thank you Janet….I sincerely appreciate your guidance!