We were doing some training on WordPress. At the beginning of the session one person commented they searched for “WordPress tutorials” and found several YouTube results. The videos were extremely helpful in learning how to use this popular blog tool and had taken some of the edge off their concerns about learning something new.

There is some new software I’m learning, too, so that inspired me to do a similar search. I was surprised at how many tutorials I found. Free. All I had to do was invest the time to watch.

In fact, there were five pages of playlists consisting of six to 20 videos each. I probably found enough video to keep me involved for two or three weeks.

So Bogdan comes in to me and shares he’s just read an article that points out the number one search on YouTube is  “how to” do stuff.

Then I go home and share this discovery with my spouse who is also a Web developer and his response is a matter-of-fact “Well … yeh!” and a shrug.

Now I’d like to defend myself at this moment but I think I’ll just quote cartoon character Homer Simpson and move on.


You see, my only exposure to YouTube upon until this search had been to look at the occasional video someone sent my way. Usually it was funny, silly or amazing footage that amused, awed or impressed in some fashion. But always it was entertainment.

In fact, when Bogdan shared that tidbit about the tutorial videos my first thought was “of course! That would be the perfect place to demonstrate and talk about what you are teaching.”

And it is so easy. Especially from a computer because there is a lot of free software that captures what you do and audio to go with it. The process of making the video is easy and … well, I’ll stop chasing that rabbit.

So, I was surprised and you may be, too.

Now, here’s my challenge to you.

Is there some function, skill or other information you looked for in YouTube that you were surprised to find there?

I would be interested in some of your surprises. In the meantime, visit the AAPGWeb channel in YouTube. We are starting to build a presence there that you may find useful as an AAPG member to recruit new members or brag on your association!

Next post: Facebook.

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