I know the social networking scene is really driven by the younger generations. I’ve been out of college for … awhile. But, I’m a pretty social individual and since I do work on Web sites I know I need to understand how they work and the purpose they serve, right? Besides I want to look savvy and cool to my kids!

I’ve really hit a bump in the road with Twitter. I don’t think I “get” it! (sigh)

I did find a few places that I could watch on Twitter but, frankly, as I looked at “stuff” I could consider receiving tweets from I kept thinking “I’m not interested.”

My Twitter experience, so far, feels like I’m simply asking people to send me promotional and ad material.

Frankly, I get enough of that in my email (I call it “spam”) and through commercials on TV and radio. Why would I want to invite it so deliberately into my life?

Also, after I signed up for Twitter somebody I do not know started “following” me. Now I’m wondering if there is such a thing as “virtual stalking?”

I refused them but … well, I just don’t know about this Twitter business.

Then there is Facebook. I’ve enjoyed that. I use mine mostly for family but I happened to establish two Facebook accounts. One for my professional face and the other for my personal face.


Why? I know it seems nit-picky but I really don’t think the good folks I work for care about whether I’m playing Mario Kart on my Wii with my nephews, nieces and children. So, I chose to have two faces.

So, besides being paranoid and I’m now displaying split personality tendencies … maybe I need counselling ;-) .

How about you … do you have a Twitter account? Facebook? Is it mostly for family or friends? Have you found AAPG there?

What’s your experience been? Do you consider it practical for the professional side of your life or is mostly personal?

Good browsing!

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