Wind Energy and Geothermal Energy: Latest E-Symposium Series Entries

Are wind farms operated by companies with upstream petroleum operations?  Are geothermal resources being used in enhanced oil recovery?  The answer is “yes” in both cases, and the details will be covered in Wind Farm Operations ( and in Geothermal Energy in the Oil Field (

Roberta Gamble (Frost & Sullivan) and Russ Agrusa (Iconics) will present information about the business of wind energy on June 25 at 2 pm CDT through the e-symposium, Wind Farm Operations.  The information presented will provide insight into the business of windfarms, supply, demand, equipment, trends, and operations (which often use the same software and programs used in remote field locations and well monitoring in oil and gas operations).   The fact that oil and gas companies are diversifying in order to convert themselves into “total energy” companies may be of interest to organizations and individuals seeking new opportunities. If you miss the symposium, you may sign up and have access to the archived live version, plus the resource packet for the one day of independent study:

Dr. Dina Lopez (Ohio University) and Mike Sullivan (Groundwater Consultants) will discuss geothermal energy on August 20 at 2 pm CDT.  They will discuss how it is being used in oil field applications such as enhanced oil recovery.  They will look at the future of geothermal energy, both in high-temperature and low-temperature regimes, and will discuss advances in technology for exploration. For more details, visit the site:

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