While not of direct economic interest, the thin Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary layers above the Messinian evaporate demonstrate extremely well imaged example of a deepwater fold and thrust belt in a tectonically active basin. Basin-scale, high frequency 3D marine data provides a unique opportunity to characterize a fecundity of exotic deformation features including thrust faults, fault bend folds, and conjugate shear zones. Given that the creep rate of salt is highly sensitive to stress and temperature, the relationship between the mechanical properties of the salt and the structural style will be explored.

This year’s Deepwater Reservoirs GTW has a truly stellar slate of presentations – all of which allow you time to ask questions, discuss, and learn. Space is limited, so sign up today. Don’t miss this amazing speaker and presentation our Fourth Annual AAPG Deepwater Reservoirs Geoscience Technology Workshop – Houston, TX, January 15-16, 2013!

Niven Shumaker’s current position is Geopressure Specialist in Noble Energy’s Geoscience Technology Group. He has worked projects in the Black Sea, Middle East, North Sea, West Africa, China, Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico and onshore basins in the US as a prospector, development geoscientist, and in well services. He actively contributes talks and publications in technical societies such has AAPG, SEG, GSH, has been an invited speaker at Colorado School of Mines and Baylor University, and co-instructs an industry short course on geopressure. Niven received his bachelor’s in geophysics from UC Santa Barbara in 2002, studied geotechnical engineering at the University of Iceland in 2003, received his master’s in geophysics from Virginia Tech in 2005, and is currently pursuing his MBA at Rice.

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