Many companies have become a bit disenchanted with the massive multi-player but “mono-zoned” resource plays, especially those that produce gas, rather than liquids. The lack of gas transportation pipelines and the capital needs of continuous drilling, well stimulation and restimulation can be fairly daunting challenges.

However, some plays such as the Eagle Ford and the Bakken have a few advantages that not all plays share:

* New technologies really make a difference in identifying sweet spots

* New efficiencies in horizontal fracturing are reducing costs

* New approaches to produced water and also frac fluids are reducing costs and environmental impact

* The play has multiple zones

* Sweet spots are larger than expected

It’s not always easy to learn what the latest approaches are, and so informal networks are vital. One way to get keep up and to develop new networks is to attend an AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop. The AAPG – STGS joint GTW on the Eagle Ford will take place March 26 – 28 in San Antonio. An investment of your time and a workshop registration could pay off in a princely way if you learn even one thing that will help you become more efficient or effective in your drilling and completion strategies.

Link to the GTW:

Field trip:

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