Technology is changing dramatically and quickly in shale play development. The approaches you took a few years ago may not work at all in today’s environment. On the other hand, some are more effective than expected.

Where are the changes? Here is a partial list:

* Staged hydraulic fracturing (for example, a 40-stage frac in the Bakken)

* Microseis (changing approaches / applications)

* Pore pressure prediction

* Multi azimuth and wide azimuth — onshore

* Geosteering techniques

* Logging while drilling

* New kinds of well log and crossplot analysis tools

* New ways to process data, evaluate attributes, and detect patterns (neural networking, etc)

We’re going to discuss “lessons learned” in the following educational opportunities:

E-Symposium on Integrating All Information to Optimize Operations – Case Study – Marcellus:

E-Symposium on Geochemistry and Green River Shales:

U.S. Shale Plays GTW:

International Shale Plays GTW:

Eagle Ford Map

Eagle Ford Map

We’re planning a GTW on the Eagle Ford to be held in Fort Worth in February 2012 — with a field trip! Are you interested?  Contact us.

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