AAPG Pre-Conference Short Courses (URTeC)

Written by Susan Nash on Jul 25 2014 | short courses

AAPG will be offering two short courses in conjunction with this year’s Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC); Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs and Introductory Geochemistry for Condensate-Rich Shales and Tight Oil. A wealth of information in a short period of time, theses short courses are an effective and efficient way to learn about the industry.

Pre-Conference Short Course 1
Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs
23 August 2014 | Denver, CO | Colorado Convention Center

  • The course will cover various petrophysical models in the evaluation of unconventional reservoirs-coalbed methane, tight gas sands, and unconventional oil & gas reservoirs.
  • For registration and full course details please visit: HERE! (course 1)

Pre-Conference Short Course 2
Introductory Geochemistry for …

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Granite Wash and Pennsylvanian Sand Forum

Written by Susan Nash on Jul 07 2014 | forum

Designed to have immediate bearing on the continued and future success in exploration, development, and operations, AAPG Forum events maximize knowledge transfer by encouraging lively interaction and thoughtful consideration of experts findings, experience and insights. AAPG’s upcoming Granite Wash and Pennsylvanian Sand Forum will offer just that. Practicing experts will provide in-depth presentations on the latest findings regarding the productive extent and producibility¬†in the Granite Wash of Oklahoma and Texas, along with Pennsylvanian sand producing horizons. This intensive one-day forum will be taking place September 25, 2014 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. For more information: AAPG Forum events

You will learn…

Starting with a big picture view and new understanding about basin modeling, heat flow, and migration, …

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Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts: An AAPG/SEPM Hedberg Research Conference

Written by Susan Nash on Jul 07 2014 | hedberg

Enhance cooperation, exchange ideas, and identify opportunities for further collaborations about stratigraphic and sedimentary models. This research conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with leading research geoscientists to network and share ideas & knowledge.

Stratigraphic and sedimentary models are important tools in reducing exploration risk and have been successfully applied in both mature and frontier basin exploration settings. With increasing interest it’s timely to examine in ¬†detail, process variability at different latitudes, and determine how stratigraphic and sedimentary facies models should be modified (or not) to include that variability.

Divided into several sessions the conference will cover a wide range of related themes which includes, process controls & their latitudianal associations, sources, chronostratigraphic framework, applying latitudinal variations to models, …

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Folding, Thrusting and Syntectonic Sedimentation: Perspectives from Classic Localities of the Central Pyrenees

Written by Susan Nash on Jun 24 2014 | field seminars

Explore world class models of thrust tectonics and synorogenic sedimentation in the Spanish Pyreness. This field seminar is designed for geologists and geophysicists working with fold & thrust systems and tectonic sedimentation interactions who are wanting to learn more and to examine outcrops of thrusts, fault-related folds, stratal architectures and facies of depositional systems. The southern Pyrenees will offer participants excellent examples of these systems which are suitable for in-depth discussions and observations. The course will be lead by, Antonio Barnolas a Senior Researcher at the Geological Survey of Spain and Antonio Teixell a professor at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, which both have extensive backgrounds working with these types of systems and structures. Join us September 22-26, 2014 in …

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