Three outstanding field trips need more participants to run!

Be sure to sign up for Field Trips 6, 16B, and 19 when you register for ACE 2012.  Field trips must meet minimum requrements or they are in danger of being canceled. Don’t let that happen to these three great trips — sign up by 14 March.

Field Trip 6 — Neotectonics and Geomorphology along the San Andreas Fault, Carrizo Plain, California, will be an enthralling investigation of one of California’s most famous geological features! Check out the plate boundary in one of the best exposures of a strike-slip margin. If you’re lucky, you may see a beautiful display of spring wildflowers!

Field Trip 16B — Visit to SpaceX is a follow-up to Field Trip 16A (Remote Field Work; Mars, via JPL). Plenty have signed up for 16A — be sure to sign up for the half-day of fun on Friday. Don Clarke worked hard to bring us this rare opportunity.

Field Trip 19 — Sedimentary Geology of a Mid-Plate Volcanic Mountain-Island Chain: The Islands of Hawaii and Kauai is an extra-special field excursion to a unique geological setting! Broaden your petroleum-focused horizons and see things a little differently in Hawaii — all while taking in the magnificent scenery and character of the islands.

There are a limited number of spots available for these field trips as well:


Guest blog from Stefano Mazzoni, Field Trip Chair at AAPG 2012 Annual Convention & Exhibition 

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