We’re proud to announce the 3rd Annual Student and Professional Meet & Greet at the ACE in Houston. This event is intended to get students and professionals to meet up, share experiences, and gain insights on AAPG and the petroleum industry. Our goal is to foster lasting professional relationships that span through the ACE and beyond.

This is a really fun event for everyone involved, so you really don’t want to miss it!

Date: Sunday, 10 April
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Convention Center Room 310

Just sign up online by 1 April. In case you need more reasons to attend, keep on reading:

The Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

5. Free Stuff!

Ahhh T-shirts…one of the most highly coveted of the Annual Convention free goodies. The first 50 people to Sunday’s Meet & Greet get a free, totally sweet AAPG T-shirt! Hurry in and get yours while supplies last!

4. Get Help Navigating the Conference

We realize the ACE can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, but the YPs will be there to help by grouping up students and professionals before the Opening Session. Students will have the chance to gain an insider’s perspective on petroleum industry career topics while attending the Opening Session, the Exhibition, and the Ice Breaker. Professionals of all experience levels will be there to help you get the most out of the ACE.

3. Meet New People in AAPG and the Petroleum Industry

One of the primary goals of the AAPG Young Professionals Committee is to make your transition from student to active membership as smooth as possible. It’s not uncommon for AAPG Presidents, Past Presidents, Committee Chairs, House of Delegates Members, Committee Members, and the like to be hanging around meeting with students. Here’s your chance to talk to these folks and other professionals from all aspects of the industry and get their feedback on issues that are important to you. Come and join us, see what we have to offer and see what the YPs can do for your career.

2. Prizes $$CashMoney$$

This year we’re introducing the Network Challenge, a questionnaire you fill out by talking to professional AAPG members and obtaining their signatures on the floors of the Annual Convention & Exhibition. Once you fully complete this task, you will be entered in a drawing to win big money. We’ve upped the ante this year…gone are the days of polished rock prizes and iTunes gift cards. First prize is $500, second = $250, and third prize will be $100. This is some serious cash my friends! Be there Sunday April 10th @ 2pm for all the details.

1. Kick-start Your Network and Career Path

Someone really wise (and way smarter than me) once said that “you never know how valuable your network is until you really need it”. Let’s face it; changes are constant in our professional careers. From personal changes, relocations, and industry shifts, we will all probably change jobs/companies/careers at some point in our professional lives. Establishing a network amongst our peers is one of the most important things we can do. The primary goal of the Student and Professional Meet & Greet is to help build and strengthen your network through AAPG.

So come on over and join us… sign up before April 1st. Admission is free.


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