The AAPG Web site is a vital part of the benefits offered by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. It not only delivers information and news but provides access to scientific data, career growth opportunities and tools for collaboration and networking.

The science side of the site is maintained and administrated by Datapages, a division of AAPG. Datapages digitized all of AAPG’s scientific publications including the AAPG Bulletin, its premiere, peer-reviewed journal. A team of about 10 people work on the science content including Search and Discovery, an electronic magazine of unreviewed scientific information of value to petroleum geoscientists. It contains abstracts from AAPG meetings, white papers from research released by companies to the public, maps, video and much, much more.

The AAPG Explorer is the news publication provided to all members of AAPG. It may be subscribed to without joining the organization but that subscription rate is the same as membership fee so why not join and gain access to all AAPG has to offer?

The two primary contributors to this blog will be Bogdan Michka and Janet Brister. As the Web producer Bogdan brings a strong knowledge of how things work in the Web world. His strong design skills, talent for efficiency and attention to user needs is already making a difference in many web-based projects. We’ve already seen stronger social network presence in the use of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with members and the public. As the Web editor Janet offers a solid understanding of AAPG’s membership and the information they desire and need. Together Bogdan and Janet strive to serve up relevant information for the geoscience industry.

On the non-science side of the AAPG website there are more than 20,000 pages which are being added to daily. Not only are these pages located at www.aapg.org but AAPG has several subdomains that are a designed for specific audiences within the organization. Following are these domains and the audience they serve:

One attitude that prevails throughout the people who work on this website is a commitment to excellence and service. It is our primary desire to make information accessible, findable and clear. As we share information, updates and ideas, your comments are welcome and desired because through them we can provide a website of great value to this industry.

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