Polls Closed Midnight May 15 (CDST)

The polls did close and results will soon be announced.

This is to remind all Active members of the AAPG that online voting will close at midnight Tuesday, May 15. (That’s midnight Central Daylight Savings Time.)

Of the 15,179 members eligible to vote, 4,742 have done so. That’s a 31.2 percentage of participants.

I lost my log in!

Not to worry. There is a link provided in the online voting system to have your log in sent to you.

It’s fast. It’s responsive. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete a ballot.

So do it now!

You may review the candidates’ backgrounds within the voting ballot.

If you want more information before you vote, visit the officer candidate page to read their reasons for accepting this nomination. Or watch their videos to hear them state it in their own words.

Good browsing!

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