Thankful …

In the U.S. we are preparing to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday. It is a day set aside by our country to reflect on the blessings we’ve received over the past year.

So, as I do just that I’m compelled to think about the new things which have come AAPG’s way via the Internet and thought I’d share some thankful thoughts.

I’m beginning with THIS BLOG!

What a great tool to inform those who come to the AAPG Web site about what’s new. Better yet! We can talk about plans for features and let users comment. Better still! We can talk about features that are designed to enrich our visitors’ experience in using the AAPG Web sites.

I’m always saying “technology is a wonderful thing … when it works!” I’m on my soapbox on a regular basis encouraging those around me to embrace their new tools and learn how to use them.

So, now through this blog I have another soapbox through which I can encourage and exhort folks to learn their tools! Maximize the resources made available to you. Don’t be shy about it.

I won’t bore you with all that I’m grateful for but this blog is way up on the list and I just thought I’d take the time to enjoy it again before I head for the house and begin my holiday preparations.

In conclusion let me encourage you to correspond and comment. You’ve possibly never commented on a blog before. Why not now? Break the ice and try something new. Click on the comment below and write something, anything … even if it’s simply “I’m thankful, too.” 

Once you see that it’s easy. And then see people begin to read your comment and respond to that. Conversations will evolve. Then next time when something of significance is posted and you think you should comment, you’ll have already done it once before and can do it again. It will be great!

Good browsing!

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