Spacie issue

Just one of several photos shared from Mars.

I just finished posting the July issue of the EXPLORER and was impressed with how many articles focus on space this month.

There’s some pretty amazing pictures from Mars that were taken by the Rovers. These were shared in a paper at the 2010 annual convention in New Orleans. I’m not sure which amazes me more – the actual photos or the subject. I love technology.

Then there’s this article about uranium on the moon. Will we one day look to the moon and know there’s a mine facility there? It sort of smacks of Jules Verne but when it can be done profitably I see that possibility.

I really do enjoy my job because of the exposure I get to innovative ideas, advanced technologies and people who see themselves with a responsibility. One to take care of what we currently have but still forward-looking to ensure our future has available what is needed.

And speaking of amazing technology and forward-looking … I’m looking forward to my iPhone 4 with its retina display.

Good browsing!

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