(Video) Advice from AAPG members

Are you a student or a young professional just starting in the oil and gas industry and looking for advice from someone who knows the industry, who’s “been there and done that?” You’re in luck! The fresh batch of video interviews are here featuring more AAPG leaders and members all answering one question: “What advice can you give to an energy industry beginner?”

AAPG’s Rick Fritz and David Curtiss join Scott Tinker, Bobby Ryan, Lee Billingsley, Denise Cox, Natasha Rigg, Dave Rensink and others already featured in our Video Vault (currently being revamped due to internal platform migration) and on the YouTube channel. In addition to those venues, AAPG’s brand new Facebook page (page, not group!) now sports all those videos as well! If you spend more time on Facebook than on YouTube, I’m sure you will find this convenient. You can browse all AAPG’s videos without ever leaving Facebook, simply by clicking on the YouTube tab, and you can comment on the videos directly on our Wall.

We are very interested in your opinions. Are these interviews useful to you? What’s good (or bad) about them? Would you like to see more? What topics interest you? Leave you comments below each video by clicking on the “Comment” link.

And, while viewing and commenting, keep in mind that over 50 more video interviews are coming your way before the end of 2009! Enjoy! (And did I mention comment?)

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