To Tweet or Not to Tweet. That’s a Question?

Since you are reading this, you are obviously “in” with the social networking “new media.”

This new media allows for quick thoughts to be shared among those who are interested in what is being shared.
AAPG has blogs, Podcasts, streaming video, Facebook and YouTube accounts – and is now considering Twitter, which has emerged as one of the most popular social media tools, as a medium to communicate with the membership.

Twitter lets users send out short messages (or “tweets”) that are picked up and read by anyone who decides to follow what you have to say.

Here’s the trick. The message must be less than 140 characters. That certainly keeps things succinct.

My thought is that – If you have clever, interesting friends who tend to say witty or thought-provoking things, then it becomes fun and worthwhile.

Usually, the post links to articles, and sometimes they include some relevant commentary on those articles…sort of like other Web sites that people of like mind also enjoy reading…

But there are also a lot of Twitter posts about what they ate for breakfast.

But whenever there is a “new” medium, marketers are quick to glom on to use it for their own purposes – branding, selling, promotion and the like.

(Sometimes the business world is like the really cool Dad with the teen-agers who doesn’t know when to go upstairs).

So what do you think?

Would an AAPG Tweet be of interest to you?

(We won’t be Tweeting as to what we had for breakfast).

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1 comment on this post.
  1. Peter MacKenzie:

    Larry, I think you are looking at Twitter from only one angle. Marketing is evolving for sure, and while I am pretty sure members do not want to hear another stream of AAPG marketing, we do want to know what is going on. Twitter is as much (or more) for AAPG to track, access, hear, what its members and the untold others, are talking about as it is about a new course, a recent VIP visitor to HQ, travel plans for Leadership, etc. News is transmitted first on Twitter.

    Mainstream media is watching and using it. If we don’t we are missing opportunities. It is simply another vector of communication.

    Besides, it is human nature to be interested in our fellow man, maybe we do want to know what Rick had for breakfast…!