Hello world!

This blog’s focus is on three things.

  1. Recent information posted to www.aapg.org and its subdomains.
  2. Features within AAPG’s sites that users may be unaware of or enhancements that matter and why you should care.
  3. Ideas we reserve the right to discuss but either discard or implement, depending upon practicality and technological support.
The contributors to this site will include:
  • Myself, Janet Brister. I am the AAPG Web Site Editor. My focus is on the non-science pages of the AAPG Web domains. I do my work in WSYWIG mode. I’m a bit of a gadget and electronic nut who loves technology because when it works it expands the quality of my life! Yes, I have an iPhone and I love it.
  • Jamie Edford is AAPG’s Web site editor assistant. Jamie also focuses on the non-science pages. She does her work in code view. She’s also an information junky which means when something new comes out we can use within our Web pages she’s learning all she can about it to see if it can bring meaning and usefulness into the AAPG Web site. I call Jamie a text-a-holic because when she’s not working she’s either using a chat tool on her computer, texting on her phone, or posting to one of her social networking sites. I still haven’t figured out how she can walk and text without running into other people. She’s amazing!
  • Tom Smith is AAPG’s manager of the IT department.
  • Jeff Clarke is the IT department’s assistant manager. Together Tom and Jeff keep the backbone of the AAPG Web site running. They have extensive computer network capabilities and have brought stronger security into the AAPG domains. Since AAPG’s computers are a blend of platforms they are constantly challenged with delivering reliable service and keeping our computers talking to each other and the rest of the world. They each have strong programming skills that create the complex code that delivers the simple data. I think they are caffein junkies because I rarely see them without a coffee cup in their hands. Or this just may be the image all computer programmers have!
There will probably be others contributing to this wwwUpdate blog and Jamie and I will introduce them as we go along.
So, hello world! Let the browsing begin!

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