Are you aware of the Facebook presence AAPG has established?


About two months ago the AAPG Young Professionals expressed a desire to establish a group on Facebook. Of course we said “go for it!”

Then we thought, “Hey! Are there other AAPG groups on Facebook?” Sure enough! We found 12 groups established. One was AAPG but it only had two members. Gerald Buckley and Ron Hart, both on AAPG staff, had created the AAPG group some time back. This inspired us to take ownership of that group.

Now the group has grown to 245 members and continues to grow.

The AAPG interest-related groups within Facebook has now grown to 14 since our original search. Most are student chapters but some are geology departments and small local societies.

For people who have Internet access but not Internet presence Facebook does offer one possibility to establish that profile on the Web.

So, do you have a Facebook profile? Why don’t you add AAPG to your groups. This will link you up to a growing list of people with similar interests and increase your network.

Share your Facebook experience

I’d like to invite you to also share a comment about Facebook. There’s a commenting area at the bottom of this blog.

  • Are you glad you joined (or not)?
  • What are some useful aspects of the experience?
  • Are there some preferences you would recommend to newbies?

Do you prefer LinkedIn? AAPG has a professional group established there, too.

Good browsing!

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