This changes everything!

I’ve been working on the new conference debuting in August of 2013.

The program looks really promising and I just noticed that November 15 is the deadline for posting your paper.
That’s in two days.

URTeC is a new conference that SEG, SPE and AAPG thought would meet a growing need. As geoscientists gain greater access to what is underneath the earth, the creativity it takes to extract that old reservoir in a new way has birthed some unconventional approaches to the process.

This, I believe, was the inspiration for the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference.

I was just reviewing the list of topics for people to submit their papers under. It’s very impressive.

What a great venue, too!

From what I read Denver, Colorado, is the area where much of the technology has been launched in order to creatively “see” into the Earth and then come up with minimally invasive methods to capitalize on that information.

So, have you submitted your paper yet?

It looks like it is definitely something which covers industry-wide topics from discovery through production.
The theme “This Changes Everything” echoes the different this conference can make for the world and the industy.

Good browsing!

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