We are 95 followers away from 4,220. That’s our goal to reach by Opening Session of the AAPG annual meeting.

Are you a part of MI4220?

AAPG Twitter feed details

Help us reach 4,220 by 04/22

We currently have 4,195 followers of the AAPG Twitter account.

ACE 2012 in Long Beach start 04/22/2012 so it seemed appropriate to work toward the goal of increasing this following from 3,879 on March 14 to 4,220. See original post.

Now that I look at the numbers 4,222 would have been even better!

Either way, on the AAPG Twitter feed you’ll find information about the AAPG but you’ll also be fed news, daily, and pertinent details about industry happenings.

The feed is targeted towards the membership of the AAPG as well as the general public.

Will you help us complete the mission?

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