That’s right–only a few minutes ago AAPG got their 3,000th Twitter follower! It is great to see more and more people engaging with us on Social Media platforms.

There are also 5,880 members in our LinkedIn group, and that number has grown considerably in the last year.

Almost three thousand people like AAPG’s Facebook page (2,958 to be exact). Would it be too much to hope that this number catches up to our Twitter number by the end of 2011? I think not!

Among other things, there are plans to expand AAPG’s Social Media presence into Google+. How many of you are using G+ right now? How many of you want to give it a try? Given the attractive features (read: “circles”) and the fact that I already use other Google services, I am planning to try it out myself.

Whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+, AAPG’s aim is to reach our members wherever they are. Maintaining a dialog has been increasingly more convenient with all the new services and gadgets at our disposal. Let’s utilize these technologies to further our knowledge.

And, while we’re at it, let’s get our Facebook likes to 3,000 by the end of the year! ;)

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