The annual meeting of AAPG is one of the best opportunities I have to hear from the membership. Nothing tops the face-to-face conversation for communication and this ACE was no different.

I met students, long-time members, and new members during my time in Houston. It was great to hear the likes and the dislikes about the AAPG website. Many suggestions, comments and such were given and, as always, appreciated.

So, thanks a lot for finding your way into the AAPG Center to let me tell you about what’s new on the AAPG site and to open up that ever-important conversation.

Reports are flying into my office. I’ve been warned about many updates that are headed my way.

Many of our members are still wondering about this social media thing. Well, it’s not that scary and it’s not that important – technically. Think of it as an extension of the annual meeting. It’s simply one of thousands of comments and conversations you may, or may not, have been privy to. It’s a gathering of information and should you choose to comment you may, or may not, be heard.

It’s a virtual meeting year-round. So if you haven’t looked at any of the social media feeds, I challenge you to start with LinkedIn where the most job-centered conversations are taking place. Find the AAPG Group and ask to join then read the comments as they are posted. Who knows? After awhile you may actually decide to leave your own comment.

Good browsing!

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