We are at the annual meeting in Houston and I am in the Communications booth of the AAPG Center.

One of our handouts this year looks a little bit like a cell phone. It has a QR code in the center of it and sends you to the new Stay Connected page of the AAPG website.

This handy little page is mobile friendly as well as compatible with any browser. It contains shortcuts to AAPG LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds as well as shortcuts to the primary websites of all AAPG offices, phone numbers and emails to help you stay connected.

If you are at a web browser you may type in the URL: www.aapg.org/stayconnected/ and you’ll immediately see this new feature. If you are using a smart phone you may scan the QR code on the handout (or type in the aforementioned URL) and also display what we hope you’ll find a very useful page.

The emails are enabled to start in your email client. The phone numbers should be recognized by your phone for dialing.

Good browsing!

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