In the upcoming Explorer the wwwUpdate tells you about the new feature those outside of the U.S. will experience. We’ve set up our home page to note the ISP through which you are accessing our website then it adds an appropriate banner for that region of the world.

This is the first step toward a more member-focused provision of information. It’s simple and not very robust right now but with this timid foray into something new we are planning on incorporating even more GeoIP content.

However, what I didn’t get to write about in the wwwUpdate was the migration we are about to begin.

We’re moving from one server platform to a new one. In doing so we are seizing the opportunity to redesign. This will enhance the user experience, consolidate information, add features you are accustomed to using in other websites, and more.


By September or late August we hope to see some changes begin to take place. Now, I emphasize hope due to many, many variables that you really don’t want to know about.

We’ve just about completed our research and outlined a plan. This is the first target date for changes to be public. But, it isn’t a promise or even a deadline – it truly is a hope.

The migration is including content management software that requires installation, setup and training. However, it’s one of those “it’s about time” implementations that will be labor-intensive at first with a strong learning curve. But the results will make the transition worth it.

These will be the signs that the migration has begun:

  • Some pages will begin to appear different in design.
  • Registration on the site will be encouraged. We will be needing member- and user-feedback on the usefulness of information provided (like, dislike, 2-stars, 5-stars, etc.). But only registered users may do so.
  • Pages might move so if you’re using bookmarks you may have to make new ones. But, remember, the search box will help immensely, as always.
  • Some areas may look different on your web-enabled phone as the mobile design moves forward
  • More RSS feeds that are up-to-date due to automation. Those of you who use RSS feeds in other websites know how helpful these are in bringing you the information you want to actually know about instead of the spam that guesses.

The AAPG Web team is excited about this change. We’ll occasionally blog about it and begin offering tips and other details as we progress. Then, when it’s all done we’ll see how that’s working for ya!

Good browsing!

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