AAPG’s online directory has a feature many of our members are not aware of.

In the directory, click on this to download details

Handy way to get an address within the AAPG Directory.

vCard is a special formatting for data. It is designed to work with address books within most email clients such as Outlook, Entourage, Apple’s Mail programs. When provided all you do is click on it and it finds your address book and imports the information provided. It’s very quick and efficient.

When you are looking for an AAPG member within the provided online directory at first glance you believe all you can access is their email and phone numbers.

But take a closer look by clicking on a member’s name from your search results.

Displayed under the member’s name is the graphic you see to the left. By clicking this vCard graphic you will download that member’s vCard. In that data is their complete contact information. Yes, even their mailing address!

There are two reasons to use the vCard. First, it is fast! Most people are looking for a quick contact. Either they want a phone number or an email address. Which brings me to the second reason, it is in your data with only the click of a mouse button. There is no typing, no hand-entering of data. 

Log in and try it now

Good browsing!

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