I received the below letter from AAPG’s elected editor Gretchen Gillis and thought I would share it with you.

Currently this letter is being mailed to AAPG Student Chapters (so if you don’t receive a hardcopy you may need to update your address with us).

I would like to second Gretchen’s comments and encourage you to submit your work for the AAPG Bulletin.



Dear AAPG Student Chapter Advisors:                                                          

We are writing to you in your role as a member of the geoscience faculty in a department with a student chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

AAPG has published the AAPG Bulletin since 1917. Readers value the Bulletin for its timely dissemination of applied science and for its extensive archives of classic papers in petroleum geoscience.

We encourage you and your students to submit manuscripts for consideration by the Bulletin. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed, typically by three reviewers from academia, industry, and government organizations. The time to the initial decision is usually less than 80 days. Time to publication can be as short as 8 months, depending on how quickly authors make requested revisions. Instructions to authors may be found at http://www.aapg.org/bulletin/

The Bulletin is part of an elite group of high-impact journals whose citations are tracked. The 2008 Impact Factor (IF) for the Bulletin, calculated by Institute of Scientific Information, a division of Thomson Scientific, is 1.364. With this IF, the Bulletin was ranked in the following subject categories:

  • Energy and Fuels: 9 of 67
  • Engineering, Petroleum: 1 of 24
  • Geosciences, Multidisciplinary: 19 of 143

The Bulletin also ranks highly for Immediacy Index, a measure of how quickly published articles are cited, and Cited Half-Life, an indicator of the archival value of journal articles. These three measurements demonstrate that the Bulletin serves both geoscientists active in the oil and gas industry and academicians and researchers. It is also one of the most widely downloaded journals within the GeoScienceWorld Collection available in academic institutions internationally.

Membership in AAPG is not a requirement to publish with AAPG; however we certainly encourage geoscientists from academia, industry and the student community to consider joining. It is also a good way to continue developing the links to your existing student chapter and the broader scientific community.

Please let us know if you have any questions about publishing with AAPG.


Gretchen Gillis

AAPG Editor 2007-2010

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