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The IBA competition for the European Region of AAPG was held on March 27-29th in Prague, Czech Republic.

I was able to attend and meet many outstanding students from accross the European Region.

Teams onsite competiting included:
University of Potsdam – Germany
University of Miskolc – Hungary
University of Kiev – Ukraine
Lomnosov Moscow State – Russia
University of Barcelona – Spain
University of Warsaw – Poland
IFP School – France
Tyumen State Oil and Gas – Russia
University of Southampton – UK
Eotvos Lorand University – Hungary
Imperial College London – UK

In addition to these teams competiting for the opportunity to represent the European Region at the IBA finals in Denver at the AAPG Annual meeting a number of schools attended to take part in a meeting of European AAPG Student Chapter Leaders.

Included in these discussions were European Region President Istvan Berczi, Student Coordinator for Europe Nick Lagrilliere, and myself. This meeting consisted of a few prepared presentations and a round table discussion of the Student leaders throughout Europe to identify shared successes and challenges.

Schools participating in this meeting:

University of Amsterdam- Netherlands

Alexandru Ioan Cusa – Romania

University of Kiev – Ukraine

IFP School – France

Ivan-Frankivsk Oil & Gas Technology – Ukraine

University of Aberdeen – Scotland

University of Leoben – Austria

University of Bucharest – Romania

Babes-Bolyai University – Romania

TU Delft – Netherlands

Lisbon University – Portugal

Imperial College – England

After two days of competition all of the presentations were completed and the judges had time to decide the rankings of the teams; the results were announced at a reception followed by the entire group of students, sponsors, and judges enjoying dinner. 

The top teams from the IBA competition for the European Region were:

3rd place: University of Southampton

2nd place: Imperial College

1st place: Moscow State University 

Congratulations to Moscow State who will now represent the European Region in the IBA finals to be held at the AAPG Annual meeting in Denver this June and face off with 9 other teams from around the world to determine this years IBA Champion. 

And now a few pictures from IBA Europe:

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