Thanking Our Science Teachers

The AAPG Youth Education Activities Committee and the AAPG Foundation support the work of earth science teachers throughout the world. We like to consider the work that the children do, and it’s wonderful to visit the classrooms and encourage them to pursue careers in science.

We often overlook the sacrifices teachers make in order to stay in the profession, and how committed they are to helping children prepare for the future. Despite what we might think, teachers do not have lives of leisure and luxury, with a worry-free paid vacation for a summer! An interesting infographic debunks some of the “teacher myths” and explores some of today’s challenges.

What do you think? Share your own story (post a comment). In the meantime, if you know a K-12 science teacher, please take a moment to thank them for their work and dedication.

Teacher Salary

Click here for the orginal graphic, with an interesting op-ed piece:

Teacher Salary Infographic created by Online Degree

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