Old Well Logs, Core Repositories: Gold Mines?

What can you learn about shale plays from old cores and old logs?  Can old cores — even those that have been kept in a hot warehouse — be of use? Even if some of the volatiles are long gone, you can still evaluate the lithology.  What can old logs tell us about the physical qualities of the formations?

You may be curious about new developments — and, more importantly — about how to put together information from disparate fields (petrophysics, geomechanics, geology, geophysics, geochemistry) can give real insights.  Once you have a different approach, you can go back to old information & gain new insights.

What are your favorite ways to approach old and new data, and how do you put together old and new technologies?

Please feel free to share your approaches here, in the blog.   Also, mark the date on your calendar:  November 8-9.  We will have a new Geoscience Technology Workshop do address some of the issues we’ve approached here.

New Ways to Look at Old Data: New Pay Zones, Increased Production, Expanded Regional Plays

November 8-9, Houston, TX

Norris Conference Center (CityCentre)

Convenors / Session Chairs:

Charlie Smith, Halliburton

Brian Stambaugh, NMR Petrophysics

Lynne Goodoff, RPS Group

Eric Pasternack, Ph.D., Outsource Petrophysics

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