Jakarta Hedberg Conference on Tropical Fluvial Deltaics — Deadline Extended

You still have time to apply!  Come to Jakarta in May to learn about a vital aspect of fluvial-deltaic reservoirs.  Tropical delta systems are much different than ones in temperate climates — and understanding just how and where can mean the difference between a successful drilling program and an unsuccessful one.

Modern Analog: Baram Delta

Mixed wave and tide-dominated delta outcrop in Malaysia (modern analog: Baram Delta)

The Hedberg Research Conference, slated for April 29 – May 2, 2009 will be held in Jakarta, and will feature top scientists currently working on various aspects of the topic:

Variations in Fluvial-Deltaic and Coastal Reservoirs Deposited in Tropical Environments

For an invitation to the conference, please fill out our online questionnaire.

Mahakam Delta Core

Mahakam Delta Core

Coring operation on a Mahakam Delta intertidal sand bar

Tide-dominated delta outcrop in Brunei (modern analog:Trusan Delta)

Tide-dominated delta outcrop in Brunei (modern analog:Trusan Delta)

Here is a satellite image of a modern tropical delta (the Irrawaddy in Myanmar).  Here is the “Image of the Day” post from NASA.

Irrawaddy River Delta - Burma (Myanmar)

Test your knowledge!  What are the parts of a delta?

River Delta

Diagram of a river delta

Answer here.

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