Reservoirs: New Science, New Technology Research Exchange

Infill Drilling Reservoir Issues, Stacked Pay Optimization, Sweet Spots, Decline Curve Mitigation and much more.

July 14-15, 2014 – Houston, Texas

The purpose of this 2-day event is to identify problems with reservoir characterization and optimization and to discuss new and emerging science and technology to solve the issues. We will discuss the “edge” technologies and the science needed to advance to the next levels.

Oral Presentations: Offers award winning industry professionals will speak on New and Emerging Techniques and Technologies. Topics include,

  • Infill Drilling Reservoir Issues
  • Stacked Pay optimization
  • Sweet Spot Imaging and Detection
  • Fracture Behavior: New Technologies for Inducing Fractures
  • Fracture Communication and It’s Consequences
  • Reservoir Fluids: Unexpected Behaviors
  • Pore Pressure Modeling and Decline Curve Mitigation
  • Geochemical Findings: Combining Data for New Insights
  • Big Data and Reservoir Characterization

Poster Sessions: Presents current and future proposals and what directions the research is headed.

First Night: the opening night will host a Launch Party for participants to gather and share new ideas, research, and technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates. Specific times, location, talks/presentations, and additional information to come.

** For questions please contact, AAPG Education/Research **

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