Calling all students, non-students, independent researchers, corporate researchers, professors, and deans! Here’s your chance to gain support for you research with the: AAPG Research Launcher Program.

We are Launching this program to help you find funding for your geosciences research and technology projects. Our initial approach is very straightforward. Final deadline: June 30, 2014. Sign your project up for the Research Launcher Program today! Review the details and discover how to get started with a fast-track to finding funding.

Details Here:


It costs you nothing to submit an application and to participate in the initial stage. There is no limit, but all your costs should be justified. Keep in mind who you want to appeal to. Some projects may be too large (thus difficult to fund) and others may be too small.

Program Future Plans: With the increasing attention that this program is gathering, our next steps will involve launching a Research Launcher website for helping you connect with potential sponsors. We are very excited about the Research Launcher and see great opportunities in the future for this program.

For questions, please contact,

Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.
Director of Education and Professional Development, AAPG

Please feel free to share with others.

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