AAPG Affiliated Societies: New Aggregated Education Calendar

Did you know that the Oklahoma City  Geological Society is planning a “How To” workshop for those who would like to start their own consulting businesses?  Did you know that the Nevada Petroleum Society has geothermal-themed lunch presentations?  These are just a few of the wonderful educational events available through AAPG Affiliated Societies.

Are you interested in educational offerings from the local affiliated geological societies?  AAPG Education is putting together an aggregated events calendar.  If you’d like to see your educational event added to it, please contact Susan Nash at snash@aapg.org.

So far, we have a Calendar of Events which you can access. We will update it regularly.

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2 comments on this post.
  1. George Devries Klein:

    Where’s the link to the relevant web page.

    Please post it.

  2. Susan Nash:

    Sorry about that! I’m putting in a link to the pdf right now :) http://www.zenzebra.net/___combinedcalendar/calendar.pdf