Woodford Shale: Latest Discoveries and Findings

The Woodford Shale covers virtually the entire state of Oklahoma, however much of the emphasis is place on the southeastern region of the state. This area of organically rich mudstone has drawn increased attention from numerous oil and gas companies in the past decades which has escalated the exploration and production dramatically. Because of this increased attention AAPG Education is offering an intensive one-day forum which will focus on optimizing the exploration and development of the Woodford Shale. Participants of the forum will discover recent findings in geochemistry and geomechanics to better understand how to drill and complete the reservoir along with where productive limits may lie. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain the scientific knowledge needed to continue the success of the Woodford Shale. Join us May 29th, 2014 at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for a dynamic, intensive series of presentations and discussions that explore the latest discoveries and findings. More information on this event: Woodford Shale Forum

New developments and understandings in many new areas to be featured include:

  • Brittleness and fracability determinations
  • Geochemistry and productive limits
  • Sweet spot determination (seismic, geochemistry, biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy)
  • Producibility determinants
  • Well spacing / frac spacing
  • Variations in drilling and completion techniques across the Woodford
  • Fractures: natural and induced
  • Reservoir quality
  • Current research initiatives

Accepted Papers (Preliminary)

Recent Exploration Success in the Woodford Shale, Payne and Logan Counties: Finding 1000+ BOPD Wells in an Area Peppered with Dry HolesBill Coffey, Devon Energy

The Devonian-Mississippian Woodford Shale Petroleum System in the Anadarko Basin Province: Oil and Gas Generation, Migration, Reserves, and ResourcesDebra Higley, USGS

Woodford Shale Play Update: Expanded Extent in the Oil WindowBrian Cardott, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Regional Upwelling During Late Devonian Woodford Deposition in Oklahoma and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Production and Well CompletionEric Kvale, Devon Energy

Cana Woodford: How to Tie a ShoeCraig D. Caldwell, Cimarex

Cana Woodford: How to Correctly Tie a Shoe, Philip Johnson, Cimarex

Stratigraphic Variability of the Woodford Shale Across OklahomaRoger Slatt, University of Oklahoma

Determining Optimum Well Spacing Using Fracture Characterization on in Unconventional ReservoirsVivek Sahai, Weatherford

* For registration and full event details please visit: HERE! *

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