Mississippian Lime Forum: 2014 Is a Breakthrough Year

This year’s AAPG Mississippian Lime Forum unleashes science, technology, and experience to solve persistent puzzles, and dramatically improve economics. Consider 2014 a breakthrough year as new, sometimes controversial new techniques and technologies are being implemented for the first time.

We’ve asked operators, researchers, and service providers to detail the breakthroughs, and specifically address the variability of oil saturation, seismic attributes and sweet spots, prediction sweet spots by understanding “big picture” hydrothermal activity (petroleum system meets mineralization trends), new well logs & petrophysics that enable better completions, and more. 

To be held February 20 in Oklahoma City at the Skirvin Hotel, the Mississippian Lime Forum is an intense, one-day event followed by a networking reception. All participants also receive access to an online repository of very valuable papers and studies, which makes the event extremely value-priced.

This year’s event follows on the overwhelming success of last year’s event. A partial listing of presenters includes the following (to be expanded):

Use of reservoir models and dynamic simulation in development of Mississippian – Dan Costello and Ryan Dayton, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Seismic attributes and geocellular models of the Mississippian at Wellington Field – Jason Rush, Kansas Geological Survey

Fluid Migration and Accumulation within the Mississippian: Why 2% Oil Cut Here, 15% One Mile Away? – Lynn Watney, Kansas Geological Survey

Tripolitic Chert Development in the Mississippian Lime: New Insights from SEM – Walt Manger, University of Arkansas

Mississippian fluids – NMR Direct Characterization of Type; Gas, Oil or Water – Charles H. Smith, Halliburton Energy Services

History of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow in the Midcontinent: A key to Understanding the Origin and Distribution of Porosity? – Bob Goldstein, University of Kansas

Application of high resolution conodont biostratigraphy in Lower and Middle Mississippian Strata tests the idea of compartmentalization of reservoirs and penecontemporaneous tectonics – Darwin Boardman, Oklahoma State University

Formation Waters and Microbial Populations in the Mississippian: Implications for Production – Jennifer Roberts, Kansas Geological Survey

Acidizing in the Mississippian Lime: New Lessons Learned – Reza Barati, Kansas Geological Survey

Registration is open, and tables will be open for research consortia to provide information during the breaks and networking reception. The event is being supported by OCGS, and information about joining the OCGS and the resources available via the OCGS Log Library will be available.

For more information, email educate@aapg.org

Direct Link to event: http://www.aapg.org/forum/2014/MississippianLime/index.cfm

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