Carbonate Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy

This one day workshop taught by Rick Sarg provides an introduction to the application of carbonate faces, diagenesis, and seismic sequence stratigraphy to exploration for stratigraphic traps. This workshop will take place on Wednesday February 12, 2014 in Houston, Texas, and is part of the Winter Education Conference. For more details:

By the end of the day, attendees should be able to do the following:

– Demonstrate knowledge of the basics of carbonate seismic stratigraphic interpretation.
– Be able to develop criteria for predicting reservoir-prone and seal-prone seismic facies.
– Demonstrate knowledge of the different carbonate platform types and their     encompassing facies tracts.
– Recognize and appraise how other lithotypes contribute to carbonate systems and trap potential.
– Be able to assess different potential stratigraphic trap configurations.
– Appraise the role of early diagenesis in carbonate reservoirs, and develop criteria to identify karst using seismic data.
– Apply carbonate depositional, diagenetic, and sequence principles to exploration areas, and production assets.


The workshop combines seismic, well log and rock data, and the concepts of sequence stratigraphy to develop interpretations that help predict carbonate hydrocarbon systems, characterize carbonate reservoirs and seals, and develop stratigraphic trap prospects. The workshop covers:
(1) a short review of carbonate first principles including their relationship with evaporates and siliciclastics, and a review of the different carbonate platform types (i.e., ramps, prograding banks, and rimmed platforms, both isolated and attached)
(2) a review of carbonate diagenesis. Special emphasis is placed on integrating early diagenesis into a seismic sequence framework and on the recognition of karst using seismic data
(3) an introduction to carbonate sequence stratigraphy and the seismic facies of carbonate reservoirs and seals. Exercises will cover integrated seismic-well log-rock examples.

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