Deepwater Caribbean: Interview with Krishna Persad

Improved understanding of reservoir quality along with new techniques and technologies have resulted in significant new discoveries in deepwater plays. Welcome to an interview with Krishna Persad, who has played a pivotal role in Caribbean exploration.

As you read the very interesting interview, please keep in mind that a critical element involves understanding the reservoirs. This issue will be directly addressed in AAPG’s GTW, Reservoir Quality, November 11-12, Austin, TX.

Deepwater reservoirs and Caribbean frontiers will be the focus of other AAPG GTWs: AAPG-SPE Deepwater Reservoirs GTW, January 28-29, 2014, and AAPG-GSTT Deep Horizon and Deepwater Frontier Exploration in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

What is your name / affiliation and your relation to petroleum exploration and development?

Krishna Persad Ph. D.
CEO and Chairman of the KPA Group of Companies…this includes interests in 3 companies, operatorship in 2 with a combined gross production of around 400 bopd, and a cumulative of nearly 4 million bbls produced to date.
I was head of an exploration team 1979-1980 which discovered that the source for virtually all of the oil in Trinidad is the Upper Cretaceous shales.
That team recommended prospects which found over 2 billion barrels OOIP.
I have been a petroleum consultant since 1987 and during that time have prepared and sold, with consulting partners, 6 multi-client reports
We interpreted that most oils in Trinidad fields are evaporatively fractionated and predicted the occurrence in 1989 of black oil below the shallow gas fields off the East Coast of Trinidad… since proved correct on both counts.

Krishna Persad, Ph.D.

What are some of the most exciting developments in the Caribbean in the last 5 or 6 years?

Trinidad and Tobago
The coming on production of the Angostura Field in a new province…to date it has produced 50 million bbl oil and is still doing 10,000 bopd and 222 MMCFD

The use of OBC seismic by BPTT has revealed deep structures below the shallow gas…I have predicted black oil will be found here together with more gas

The frequency of bid rounds and the rapid award of acreage blocks onshore offshore and in deep water

The discovery and development by Repsol and ENI of the giant Perla gas and condensate field in the Gulf of Venezuela

The rapid increase in Colombia’s oil production to over ONE MILLION BOPD

The first discovery of oil in commercial quantities in Belize

French Guyana
The discovery of the large Zaedyus oil field by Tullow and partners with the very first well in deep waters

What do you see as some of the key deepwater frontiers in the Caribbean?

T&T and Barbados
The toe thrust belt of the accretionary prism is highly prospective for gas and also oil

Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana
Deep and Ultra Deep waters should hold major new oil and gas condensate fields

Colombia Venezuela
The toe thrust belt of their accretionary prism is highly prospective for gas and also oil

How are new technologies opening new opportunities?

The use of OBC seismic by BPTT has revealed deep structures below the shallow gas…much better imaging…applicable in many areas in the Columbus Basin off the East Coast of Trinidad

Leni Gas and Oil a British independent is planning to do a multi-client FTG Gravity survey over the entire Southern Basin onshore Trinidad…high resolution gravity…exciting….had resulted in major discoveries in the East African Rift Valley

What makes Trinidad interesting?

Probably covered most of already but to repeat in brief:
Frequent bid rounds…no delay in awards
Huge opportunities in Fold and Thrust Belt onshore
and Toe Thrust Belt ultra deep water offshore

How do you think exploration efforts should proceed?

“Steady as she goes”…to coin a nautical saying…”Going good so far” in local parlance
But Petrotrin, the State oil company needs to offer more of its idle acreage more quickly

Needs to offer blocks in its Toe Thrust belt

Has prospects in deep water and should offer blocks in the west flank of the Tobago Basin



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