Are You A Total Energy Specialist? Broaden yourself for the future

The world of energy is changing quickly, and we need to be known as “Energy Specialists” or “Energy Scientists.”  There are tremendous opportunities for us to build on our foundation as earth scientists and to provide new insight into the new energy initiatives.

Wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, are expanding rapidly.

Integrating renewable energy with fossil fuels, and finding new applications for tried and true technologies are opening the door for breakthroughs.

Stay tuned as the AAPG Education department launches new programs that prepare you to become a “total energy scientist” –

1.  E-symposia on the topic of renewable energy

Wind Farm Operations (June 25)

Geothermal Energy in the Oil Field (August 20)

2.  Certificate program in Renewable Energy (5 one-month courses offered online, to take any time, any place).

In addition, the AAPG Divisions are already poised to help.  They have publications and member services that provide information and knowledge transfer in alternative energy, renewables, and the environment (including water resources).

As a petroleum geoscientist, you’re used to dealing with fluctuating commodities prices and ever-changing and evolving technologies. You have learned that the best way to keep yourself equipped to succeed is to take courses, gain experience and broaden yourself.

wind farm

wind farm

With respect to wind energy generation, it would be very useful for us to look at the following:

1. integrating wind energy operations with oil and gas operations (marginal onshore as well as offshore are two places where this is useful)
2. leasing considerations

I’m also interested in having the presenters cover how wind energy production can help reduce costs / operations in oil and gas development.

** This is not slated to be discussed in our upcoming events, but I’m very interested in seeing some of the research that’s being done (in Kansas, I believe) in using wind in EOR — injecting air instead of salt water. Pretty interesting idea, if they can pull it off — imagine thisa big wind turbine creating compressed air to pump air into a pressure-depleted reservoir (!)  Is that feasible using the technologies we have today??  **

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