In anticipation of AAPG’s Geomechanics and Reservoir Characterization GTW in Baltimore, July 16-17, we have assembled a small set of articles and presentations on geomechanics, many of which were prepared by individuals who will also be presenting in Baltimore.  If you like the resources, let us know and we’ll put together more that you can access, share, and prepare for the meeting. The meeting is supported by ARMA and also AAPG’s new Petroleum Structure and Geomechanics Division. 

The GTW will give you a chance to learn about the application of up-to-date methods, and you will also have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas and to bring together geology, geophysics, and engineering to develop a deeper understanding of unconventionals, including shales and carbonates.

Sidney Green, Schlumberger
“Rocks Matter: Ground Truth in Geomechanics” (2007)
An article that provides an overview of the input parameters and workflows for a mechanical earth model that has predictive value.

Sidney Green, Schlumberger
“Tight Shales: Not All Shales Are Created Equal” (2011)

Amy Fox, Canadian Discovery
“Geomechanical Principles for Unconventional Reservoirs”

Neal Nagel, Itasca Houston
Unconventional Wisdom in Shale Completions and Microseismic Interpretation:
Fundamental Geomechanical Concepts and Simulation Answers

Some Common Rock Properties:

Natural Fractures and Fracture Mechanics:
Anderson, T.L., 2004, Fracture Mechanics, Fundamental and Applications, 3rd Edition, Taylor & Francis Publishing

World Stress Map:

We hope you enjoy the articles and presentations. If you’d like more links to work by some of the presenters, please contact AAPG Education at 

Click here for a link to the full program and to register.  

Why Baltimore? It was the site of one of the best GTWs we’ve ever had. The environment was extremely conducive to conversation, focus, and very nice insights.  Our meeting space is at Pier 5 in the Inner Harbor district, within walking distance of great food and historical sites.

Baltimore Inner Harbor, Pier 5: site of AAPG Geomechanics GTW

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