Fourth Annual AAPG-SPE Deepwater GTW Program Update

The 4th Annual AAPG Deepwater Reservoirs Geosciences Technology Workshop will return to its roots, and bring together the latest developments in geology, engineering, geophysics, and geochemistry in order to determine the best possible ways to understand and develop fields, as well as identify bold new exploration targets.

Fourth Annual AAPG Deepwater Reservoirs
Geoscience Technology Workshop
Houston, TX, January 15-16, 2013


 Tuesday January 15, 2013
8:00am-12:00pm  Session 1: New Frontiers and Discoveries

 Keynote Speaker:

DeepStar Lookback Study of Appraisal Programs: “We Saw How Well We Predicted Reserves and Rates – What Do We Do About It?”

          Gene Narahara, Chevron

Exploring the Play Potential of the Tanzania Deepwater, Basin, East Africa

            Malcolm Francis, WesternGeco 

Messinian Salt of the East Mediterranean

            Niven Shumaker, Noble

Angola Deepwater Field Case History

            Nestor Riviera, Chevron

Relating Petroleum System and Play Development to Basin Evolution: Brazilian South Atlantic Margin

            Suzanne E. Beglinger, Statoil

12:00pm-1:30pm  Networking Lunch

There May Be More Than Microbialites Beneath All That Salt…. A Quick Look at the Exploration History and Petroleum Potential of the Presalt Clastic Petroleum System in Deep Water Gabon

            John Dribus, Schlumberger

1:30pm-5:00pm    Session 2: New Technologies: Seismic and Imaging

Dirty Salt Velocity Inversion: the Road to a Clearer Subsalt Image

            Shuo Ji, CGG Veritas

Seeing Through the Salt: Imaging Subsalt Reservoirs and Pinpointing Deepwater Oil and Gas Deposits

Jerry Kapoor, WesternGeco (Presenter); Nick Moldoveanu, WesternGeco; Denes Vigh, WesternGeco 

Multi-dimensional High Resolution Imaging and Reservoir Characterization for Drilling Risk and Production Management

            Gary Yu, Geotrace Technologies Inc.

Multidisciplinary Data Integration for 3D Geological Outcrop Characterization

            Richard Brito, University of Oklahoma

Deep Water Pore Pressure Prediction: Technique to Overcome the Challenges

Selim Shaker, Geopressure Analysis Service

Wednesday January 16, 2013

8:00am-12:00pm  Session 3: Reservoir Compartmentalization & Connectivity

Reservoir Connectivity and Characterization in a Green Deepwater Field (West Africa)

            Tope Fehintola, Shell

Moving from Vision to Reality Advances in Optimal Value Testing

            Hani Elshahawi, Shell

Integrated Hydrocarbon Slick Detection and Geochemical Characterization in the Mozambique Channel Deep Water Frontier

Glen Penfield, Chicxulub Geosciences (Presenter); Namso Akpan, South Atlantic Petroleum-SAPETRO; Ebere Benard, South Atlantic Petroleum-SAPETRO; Michael Hall, Astrium Infoterra ; Daniel Hughes, Astrium / Infoterra; Ray Fenstermacher, W.L. Gore Technologies ; Rick Schrynemeeckers, W.L. Gore Technologies ;  Susan Travers, RPS

Mesozoic Carbonate Rafts and Keel Structures at the base of Shallow Salt Canopies:  exotic processes at work in the deep northern GOM

            Dr. Joseph Carl Fiduk, WesternGeco

12:00pm-1:30pm  Networking Lunch

1:30pm-5:00pm    Session 4: New Directions: integrating Geology & Technology

Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group Submarine Canyons and Thick Deepwater Sediments of the Gulf of Mexico

            Michael Sweet, Exxonmobil

Deepwater Drilling: Managing Geological and Geomechanical Risk

            Andy Hawthorn, SLB

A Fault Re-activation Study in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Using a Coupled Modeling Approach

            Jeremy Brown, Stanford University

An Integrated Data Approach to Minimizing Offshore Exploration Risks

            Rick Schrynemeecker, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Using Airborne Stress Field Detection to Minimize Risks of Offshore Exploration

Grafton Withers, NXT Energy Solutions (Presenter); George Liszicasz, NXT Energy Solutions; Azer Mustaqeem, NXT Energy Solutions

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