Proppants and You: Where Geology Matters (but is often overlooked)

Poor proppant selection for hydraulic fracturing in a shale play can be disastrous. The wrong size and the wrong coating can result in clogged pore spaces and greatly reduced permeability. Instead of increasing reservoir connectivity, a poor proppant selection can decrease it.

Does anyone ask the geologist which proppant to select, given the pore pressure, fracture patterns, fracture size, brittleness, and elasticity of the matrix?

All these elements are critical, and the information is precisely what the geoscientist can provide.

Learn how you can better guide proppant selection by attending ¬†Terry Palisch’s e-symposium on November 8. The topic is Proppant Selection Drivers in Unconventional Resources, and you will learn what to consider and how to make proppant decisions. ¬†Terry will present case studies and discuss best practices in terms of proppant selection. He will also provide a history of proppants.

If you had a chance to hear Terry talk in Golden this past August at the Hydraulic Fracturing GTW, you understand just how unique and valuable his presentation is for geologists and also for engineers who are made aware of just how important it is to consult with geoscientists in order to assure the best possible frac job (which includes proppant selection).

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn, and potentially help your team make proppant decisions that could result in significant improvements in flow, as well as costs savings.

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