Latest Developments: Deepwater Workshop

The 4th Annual AAPG Deepwater Reservoirs Geosciences Technology Workshop will return to its roots, and bring together the latest developments in geology, engineering, geophysics, and geochemistry in order to determine the best possible ways to understand and develop fields, as well as identify bold new exploration targets.
Fourth Annual AAPG Deepwater Reservoirs Geosciences Technology Workshop
Houston, Texas | 15-16 January 2013
Overview of DW regional settings and Optimum Fairways:

  • Mini salt basins and salt toes
  • Comparison of Brazil, Africa, GOM, Mediterranean, Asia
  • Integrated Geology/Geophysics/Engineering approaches to define Exploration fairways
  • DW Exploration endeavors and challenges:

  • Seismic, subsalt imaging (WAZ), water depth challenges for trap integrity and drilling
  • Reservoir connectivity; sedimentology and reservoir characterization
  • The different play concepts along the salt toe and in structurally ambiguous regimes
  • The impact of geopressure profile in the deep water on hydrocarbon trapping, drilling prognoses and casing program
  • Exploration successes and failures with case histories
  • DW Fields Development and Production:

  • Integrated Geosciences and Engineering to optimize production with case histories
  • The feasibility of secondary recovery in DW
  • New and Emerging DW frontiers

  • Pre-salt plays especially in offshore Brazil, Africa, and the Mediterranean
  • The value of cross-disciplinary integration for E&P
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