Geological Interpretation of Seismic Data

Geological interpretation of seismic data is the subject of a short course taught at AAPG’s Summer Education Conference in Fort Worth. The course, which will be held on June 18 & 19, introduces participants to basic concepts of 3-D seismic interpretation in a non-mathematical way. The instructor, Dr. Bruce Hart, is currently working with ConocoPhillips and has over 45 peer-reviewed publications in AAPG Bulletin, Geophysics, Journal of Sedimentary Research, etc.  

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Employ simple calculations to determine seismic resolution and detection limits (i.e., what should be visible seismically?)
  • Recognize the critical role that seismic acquisition and processing parameters have on the interpretability of seismic data
  • Identify appropriate seismic visualization technologies for structural and stratigraphic interpretations
  • Explain why subsurface interpretations based on 2-D seismic and/or well control will always be wrong
  • Recognize the key elements of a complete 3-D seismic interpretation, beginning with survey design and integrating geological and engineering data and concepts
  • List several geophysical techniques (amplitude variation with offset, attributes, spectral decomposition, etc.) that are useful for qualitative and quantitative physical property prediction (including fluid prediction) and describe how these techniques can be used to make better geological interpretations of seismic datasets


For more information about the course, please visit the website:

The course, which is a part of the Summer Education Conference, is most popular with geologists looking for an introductory level course on 3-D seismic technology. It is also appropriate for managers, engineers or others who will be making decisions that affect 3-D acquisition, or will be working with results that are based on 3-D seismic interpretations. Processing geophysicists and geophysical interpreters seeking to develop the geological side of their interpretation will also benefit.

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