New Production in Old Fields: Case Study in the Hunton Dolomite – An AAPG E-Symposium

New production in old fields is the subject of an e-symposium, New Production in Old Fields: Case Study in the Hunton Dolomite, provided online by AAPG. The course, which will take place online on June 7, will prepare students to understand dolomitization and the implications for porosity development in carbonates. The instructor is Dr. Lynn Watney, who is widely published in the the use of integrated technologies and geology to optimize exploration and production in the Mid-Continent.

Topics covered include:

  • Background on 57-year old Unger Field evaluating potential for bypassed production.
  • Pre-spud analysis.
  • Regional and local structure and evaluating well trajectory.
  • Stratigraphic framework of Hunton Dolomite reservoir mapping including flow unit characterization using old well logs.
  • Well planning for soft land the well into top of the pay zone, set casing in pay and and drill out.
  • Evaluation while drilling using azimuthal gamma ray, samples, and penetration rate.
  • Post drill well shuttle logging with triple combo and imaging log to characterize fracture cluster and pay interval.
  • Slotted liner completion to isolate the pay interval.
  • Increased oil production from new well and nearby leases.
  • Update on performance and options to further increase production.

For more information about the course, please visit the website:

 The course is intended to assist those who are interested in re-investigating old fields for additional production potential.

 If you have any questions, please email

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