The North American Prospect Expo is taking place in Houston and the “hot plays” are all those with liquids-rich reserves where there is at least some confirmation in the form of proven production. In other words, liquids-rich shale plays such as the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Woodford, Mississippian lime (and other carbonates) are attracting attention, as are the technologies that emphasize targeting the sweet spots.

Woodford Shale Outcrop in Oklahoma

Woodford Shale Outcrop in Oklahoma

Untested resource plays that consist of raw acreage in predominantly gas (especially if deep) are not receiving the attention they used to.

NAPE is a place where people come to show, buy, and sell prospects. On the face of it, it’s simply a market and a marketplace.

However, one quickly comes to realize that the people who enjoy the most success at NAPE are those who embrace education in all its forms. The sellers at the various booths are educating potential buyers on the attributes of the plays, the potential, and the ways in which their knowledge can be applied to result in recoverable reserves. The International Pavilion functions to introduce plays that may have been poorly known or understood in the past. The buyers are educating the vendors of prospects and of third-party services of the evolving needs of the market.

Along with education comes a certain mindset that is receptive, discerning, and ethical. In the end, the results that speak louder than words can be traced to one glorious “teachable moment” in a booth, at a table, or clustered around maps and a computer.

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