The Gulf of Mexico’s complex geology makes exploration and development a challenge which requires extremely good communication / coordination / team-building skills. Thanks to new technology, it also has meant we’ve had to question some of our old assumptions as new information brings new insights.  In this case, everyone on the team must be conversant in each other’s language, whether you speak reservoir engineering, appraisal, seismic, or geology.

Mississippi Canyon presents a very unique challenge because of the advent of new technologies that both provide new insight and also challenge old assumptions.

What are some of the assumptions that are being challenged in deepwater reservoirs in Mississippi Canyon — and, for that matter, in all deepwater reservoirs (West Africa, Brazil, Caribbean, etc.)?

Attend the AAPG’s third annual Deepwater Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico (Houston, January 24-25) for debates, discussions, case studies, and insights.

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