Shale plays require teamwork. What each team member brings to the table is unique; not only do they contribute different perspectives and experience, they also bring unique skill sets. Understanding U.S. shale plays requires a good blend of science and technology. It’s best to understand as much as you can of all the different plays so you can apply “lessons learned” to the plays you’re involved in. Also, it’s good to see how different technologies have been applied successfully in one play. The approaches, ideas, and applications can be transferred.

To learn more, please be sure to sign up for AAPG’s U.S. Shale Plays Geosciences Technology Workshop¬†¬†which will take place August 2 – 4, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas.

20-25 minute presentations
Interdisciplinary (engineering / geophysics / petrophysics / geology / geochemistry)
Interdisciplinary, interactive discussions among professionals active in the field
Dynamic, practical, case study-focused
Operators (large, medium, small), researchers, service companies, consultants
Sessions (Tentative):
**New Directions / Exploration
**New Developments in Geochemistry
**What You Need To Know for Effective GeoSteering
**Pore Pressure Prediction / Rock Mechanics in Exploration and Production
** Natural Fracture Detection and Mapping for Drilling and Completion
** Petrophysics / Image Logs Advances in Shale
** Case Studies

Wordle: U.S. Shale Plays:  An AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop


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