Interested in learning and developing the fundamental understandings of siliciclastic sequence straitgraphy? John Holbrook, a Geology Professor at Texas Christian University will cover  a full range of topics necessary to apply this skill to practical reservoir interpretation. Holbrok will address historical development, basic principles, recognition & correlation, and the contrasting approaches of sequence stratigraphy. The presentation will be part of the 2014 AAPG Summer Education Conference and will be held on Tuesday June, 17, at the Summit Conference Center in Aurora, Colorado. For more information: Fundamentals of Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy – SEC

Presentation Details

Event: Summer Education Conference
Presentation: Fundamentals of Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy
Presenter(s): John M. Holbrook – Texas Christian University
Date: June 17,2014 (Tuesday)
Location: The Summit Conference Center, Aurora, Colorado

Who Should Attend

Geologists, geophysicists, and engineers seeking techniques for improved subsurface mapping and prediction of lithology distribution within siliciclastic reservoir intervals. The course teaches sequence stratigraphy as a tool for interpreting seismic and borehole data from slope, shelf, coastal, and/or continental deposits. An entry-level understanding of these depositional environments is anticipated.

Upon completion of the course, participants will gain an overview of the fundamental concepts supporting the science of sequence stratigraphy, and have the following applied skills.

  • Identify and correlate sequence-stratigraphic surfaces in seismic and borehole data sets for purposes of subdividing reservoir systems into high-resolution sequence-stratigraphic units
  • Develop predictions for distribution of reservoir vs. non-reservoir facies from distribution of sequence-stratigraphic units interpreted from borehole and seismic data sets
  • Interpret and predict variations in reservoir stratigraphic architecture between different fields, pay intervals, and prospects through a newly gained understanding of the natural variations typical of sequence depositional controls
  • Relate outcrop and modern analogs of sequence deposition to subsurface sections
  • Improve production evaluations through a better understanding of reservoir dimensions and porosity structure

Course Content

The first part of the course will cover fundamental concepts in sequence stratigraphy and application of sequence stratigraphy to seismic data sets. The second part of the course focuses directly on the recognition and correlation of sequence stratigraphic surfaces in borehole and outcrop data sets. Lastly the course will analyze the relative utility of the contrasting sequence-stratigraphic approaches currently available (i.e. depositional sequence stratigraphy, genetic sequence stratigraphy, T-R sequence stratigraphy)

Conference Content

2014 Summer Education Conference

The four concurrent sessions allow attendees to mix and match according to their interests and training needs. Courses for the conference may be purchased individually. These individual prices are reflected in the pricing on the course descriptions.

Course notes will be provided in digital format on CD only, so laptops with CD drives are required for all courses. If you do not have access to a laptop computer with a CD drive, please contact the AAPG Education Dept. for an alternate method to download the digital course notes.

** For registration and full event details please visit: HERE! **

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