What do you do to re-invent yourself to keep yourself relevant?  How do you equip yourself for new opportunities?  Education and professional development are clear starting points, but in order to maximize your results, it helps to have a guiding hand.

That’s where we can help.   AAPG has a full array of courses and educational opportunities, ranging from seminars, short courses, online courses, and field seminars. You can visit the AAPG Education website here:  http://aapg.org/education/

New educational opportunities will be coming soon, and we’ll keep you informed.  The AAPG will offer new courses, as will the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC – http://www.pttc.org)

Technology changes.  Discoveries are made.  Systems of explanation appear, are discussed, and then evolve into something else.

When I was an undergraduate studying geology, one of the things that I most enjoyed about the science is that there are multiple interpretive possibilities and there are always competing explanations for the same phenomenon, whether it be a depositional system, a reservoir, or the lithology of a formation.  The more I learned, the better I was able to propose alternative explanations and to evaluate the ones I encountered.  To me, that was deeply engaging.

Since those years, I diversified and began to focus on innovative learning technologies, with a special emphasis on distance education.  For me, the challenge is to find innovative ways to use technology in a way that is meaningful, valuable, and accessible to individuals throughout the world.

Here I am at the New Media Consortium Summer Education Conference in Princeton last summer.  It was a great place to exchange ideas and information about new Web 2.0-grounded educational strategies. You’d be surprised how relevant they can be for all fields of human endeavor. We’ll cover some of the techniques in this blog.

NMC Summer Conference at Princeton University

And, if you’re interested in more thoughts, here’s a quick video snippet on professional development taken at AAPG headquarters.

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